Session Options

Guide Card/Rune (20 minutes) - $25 
Delve into the meanings of one card of images or one rune as it applies to your life

Three Card/Rune Spread (30 minutes) - $35
Focus on one simple question
Gives straightforward guidance and advice

Spiral Spread (60 minutes) - $65
11-14 cards
Focus on one life area/question
Covers present situation, immediate outlook, and medium term landscape

Spiritual Direction Consult  (1.5 hour) - $100
Includes reading of your choice
Option to use Rumi cards, Runes, or Soul cards

Tree-of-Life Spread (1.5 hour) - $100
Multiple cards in a dynamic layout
Covers whole life, meaning, direction, history, gifts, and provides comprehensive advice

Soul Card Creation (1.5 hour) - $100 
Create your own 4"x5" Tarot-style card that you can keep
Includes symbolism interpretation consult

(Please allow extra time for 60 and 90 minute appointments. If the reading warrants and I am in flow I will make time for the information to fully unfold.)