How Does Tarot Work?
Tarot of the Cloisters - Fool
The cards unlock knowledge that is within you. You may be blocking that knowledge or it may not be available to you in your normal daily living. The cards can open the door and help you understand. Once you become aware of the new information, you can make choices to chart your course through life. 

The tarot cards have images and meanings that are linked to what we know, consciously and unconcsiously, about life. Psychologist Carl Jung and Mythologist Joseph Campbell talk about the "collective unconscious" which is the body of knowledge we all have access to but usually are not aware of. The Tarot helps us tap into that knowledge and learn what is true. When we uncover our truth and deep knowledge, we can make good choices in our lives.

Wisdom of Rumi

Destiny doesn’t mean that our lives are already decided. It is a stupidity to accept everything and say “It is destiny”. Destiny doesn’t show the whole life, only the end of some roads. We are not completely masters but surely not victims. -Shams Tabrizi

Does Tarot Predict the Future?
The cards help you recognize likely events and directions, however, I believe there is no fixed future that can be predicted. We are energy in a web of energy. This energy flows and makes itself known to us in many ways. We each have the ability to affect the flow. The cards are a diagnostic tool for navigating the paths of life.

Rider Waite - Fool
You say you are also a minister and a spiritual director, how do these relate to Tarot?
As a Unitarian Universalist minister I believe it is a blessing that you were born, what each of us knows about the sacred is a piece of the truth, it matters what you do, and you don't have to do it alone. As a spiritual director I believe that listening to one another is one of the greatest gifts we can give. 
Tarot is a method to listen to the wisdom of the sacred and the wisdom within each of us.

What Deck(s) do you use? and why?
*Tarot of the Cloisters 
- Traditional imagery in beautiful stained glass artwork, good for all questions.
Motherpeace - Fool
- Subtle artwork and art noveau vibe, good for questions of spirit.
Traditional imagery, good for questions of life purpose.
Daughters of the Moon
- Feminist artwork, good for LBTQ women.
Aleister Crowley's Thoth
- Dense artwork and complex meaning maps, good for readings for society, broad generational questions.
- Child-like artwork and creative interpretations, good for broadening and updating the understandings of tarot symbolism.
*I prefer these decks for most readings.
Thoth - Fool

Why "Northstar" Tarot
I established the business name "Northstar Tarot" with the tagline "Chart a Clear Course" in 1986, in Portland Oregon. I chose that name because the tarot provides guidance, like the stars provided guidance to sailors of old. I believe are all sailing on the sea of life, full of unexpected storms, welcome sunrises, suffering, and joy. With good information about the available routes, destinations, obstacles, and gifts we can make good life choices!