Chart a Clear Course with Tarot

For helpers who feel adrift. Learn and live your gifts. You can do your work in flow, fully nourished and connected to your purpose. Draw on the wisdom of the sun, moon, forest, ocean, and lived experience. Connect with wisdom from our bodies, ancestors, tribes, land, and universal experience so your way opens. Use the symbolism, story, and meaning of Tarot to chart a clear course. 
Bright Blessings, 
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"I genuinely appreciate 
the contributions Amy has made to my own development." Amy J

""She offers ideas and insights that apply easily to my daily life in a down-to-earth and practical way, 
while still stimulating my intellectual and spiritual self." Melanie

"What Amy does is completely different from the Tarot readings I got in New York City.
 I trust Amy to help me with my questions." Ranjeet

"You (Amy) have a gift." Sister Mary Jo